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Kahu Sports Writer Arda Ray A Knowledgeable Rugby and Her Beloved ALL BLACKSHow DO, Kahu!

Kahu The Kiwi Members Share Why The Love Rugby So MuchSo recently I was asked why I love Rugby so much – as if there’s enough time in the day to answer that one!
Thought I’d give it a brief whirl. As many of you know already, it begins for me at the age of about 3, upon getting up afore the birds one cold Kiwi winters’ morning. I saw Dad on the couch, with only the dim light from the TV softly illuminating the room and an earpiece from the radio hooked into one ear.
Thus begins Dad and daughter time, where exists only us, the All Blacks and the beginning of How to Rugby, Champion Style. (Champion is our surname). One of the initial lessons was that Ruck is not a dirty word…that began many similar brisk Winter mornings over the years.
Now it’s just me on the couch with the All Blacks, but with the net instead of the Radio on. It took me a decade or two to realize why Dad always had the radio going instead of listening to the other countrys’ commentary…Kiwi commentary is BEST!
Rugby lets me be a very little girl again – for I remember watching Foxy run onto the field for the ’87 first RWC, told Dad ‘Here comes Superman!’…saw Dad smile…he always went for the tough, the physical, the real MEN of the game…and here his daughters’ hero is a little blond fella who barely even tackles. Oh the debates, as an adult I’d love to have with Dad now.
Would love to show him how Foxy still has more control in Kiwi Ruggers than what many give him credit for.
How cool would it be to show him the Barrett brothers, and watch him see Ardie control a maul.
Would give a lot for Dad to have seen us win the second and third RWC Cups. He would have been so proud of Richie playing on that broken foot. Good Captain there, Dad would have said in his Kiwi bloke understated way.
Yet all of that…is only a part of love for Ruggers.
I work at a place where many dont watch it, where they follow what I call running wrestling – ie League…or they dont care for any Ruggers at all.
I know! Despair face. But…Kahu, this wonderful page holds many wonderful people who share the enjoyment, the love, the obsession, depending on your viewpoint..;p
So I wonder, what reason/s do you guys have for enjoying Ruggers? Does it start with family as my story does?
Do you have talent yourself, and enjoy watching in part because you can learn ways to improve?
Rugby…the only area where I disagree with YODA!

ANSWER FROM Michael Wood – Its My Game Arda

Kahu The Kiwi Members Share Why The Love Rugby So Much So Join Us Now

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