Bath Rugby Club Supporters

Currently the biggest club rugby fan group in Europe! A place for Bath Rugby supporters to discuss team announcements, signing news and rumours, and anything else that takes your fancy.

Bath Rugby supporters currently the biggest club rugby fan group in Europe

Bath Football Club

Founded in 1865, Bath Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in existence.
The early years It was not too long after the founding of the Club that its players achieved international recognition. Herbert Fuller is generally regarded as the Club’s first “capped” player in 1882. Francis D’Aguilar was capped in 1872, but doubts exist as to whether he was actually with Bath at the time! There are no such doubts as to Frank Soane’s allegiance, who was capped in 1893. All three made their debuts against Scotland… Read More

WEBSITE: http://www.bathrugby.com/

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