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Bill’s Blog for Friday is going to be brief and to the point. I am fricken’ angry … so angry, I was incapable of producing this Blog yesterday. My apologies for that.
It concerns the British Media, and specifically, the reaction of some to the performance of the Haka by the Blues prior to their match against the Lions on Wednesday night.
The Haka, entitled “Te Toa Takitini”, (“The Strength of Many”), was performed immediately following a minute’s silence which was observed by both teams and the 40,000 crowd, in memory of the lives lost in the Manchester and London terrorist attacks in the last month.
The journalist concerned (although I am reluctant to call him a journalist unless the word ‘gutter’ precedes ‘journalist’) is James Corrigan, and he “writes” for The Telegraph.
He is, in fact, the Telegraph’s Golf correspondent.
What’s he doing writing about Rugby?
He suggested that the throat-slitting gestures in the Haka should have been deleted, as they were “highly inappropriate” in the context of events in England recently. Corrigan tried to blame the Blues Administration for “not having spotted the tasteless juxtaposition” that the actions of the Haka conveyed.
This is yet another in a long line of instances where representatives of the media, especially the collective UK media, have committed the cardinal error of failure to engage the brain prior to engaging the mouth … or, in this, case the pen. It is yet another wound on top of the many still festering wounds the UK media have inflicted upon themselves over the years.
Mr Corrigan, who one presumes to be an experienced writer, should have done what even a cadet journalist with 5 minutes experience would have done, and that is to perform basic research on the subject he was about to deal with in his article. If he had performed even the most basic of research, he would have found throat-slitting gestures in traditional Maori performances of the Haka going back hundreds of years.
He would also have found that this Haka was, in fact, a tribute to former players, the late Jonah Lomu and the late Kurtis Haiu. Corrigan stated: “The intention had clearly been to be uplifting and positive. Alas, the exact opposite proved the case to many of us”. Many of us? How many of “us”, Mr Corrigan?
He seemed to be most concerned that the Haka, and the throat-slitting gestures, was performed “in the direction of the British and Irish opposition”. Hello, Mr Corrigan, some basic research would have lead you to the discovery that the Maori NEVER take a step backwards, and ALWAYS face their enemy. The exact opposite of some of your WWII tanks, eh, Mr Corrigan … weren’t they fitted with 18 reverse gears and two forward gears in case the enemy attacked from the rear?
A gutter journalist like James Corrigan is a most un-welcome addition to the UK media throng accompanying the Lions on this New Zealand tour. He has demonstrated a complete lack of respect to Maori tradition simply because he failed to properly research his subject. He is a cretin who just looked for (and found) a story to try and mask the fact that the Lions had been defeated by the Blues.
Last night at the Adelaide Oval, Australia played Saudi Arabia in a World Cup Soccer Qualifying round. Prior to kick-off, there was a one-minute silence observed in memory of those killed in the Manchester and London terror … two of whom were Australians, one from South Australia. The Australians lined up in centre field, but the Saudis took up their playing positions and were still moving during the minute’s silence. Now, Mr Corrigan, THAT is “inappropriate”, that is an INSULT.
What did you think of that, Mr Corrigan? Wanna write about that, Mr Corrigan? THAT is a story WORTH writing about, Mr Corrigan, not your feeble attempt at covering up the inadequacies of the British & Irish Lions Rugby Team! What the Saudi’s did last night was an insult to the very people YOUR article suggested the Blues’ Haka had “disrespected”!
Your silence on last night’s events in Adelaide is deafening, James Corrigan. Why don’t you piss off and go write about Golf.

Couldn’t Agree More Bill – British Media Has Some Buffoons CHEERS!


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