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We make no recommendation or offer any type of services related to the diagnosis, treatment of, or any problems related to health of any one who has access to this literature. Any information found here within should be regarded as information only, not to be misconstrued as medical advice.


MEDICAL ADVICE MUST ALWAYS BE TAKEN before undertaking ANY CHANGES in nutrition, exercise or addressing health problems, as we accept no responsibility or liability for any information found within this website.

“Kahu The Kiwi” has used their best endeavours to ensure that the information, products and/or services offered in all posts, books, manuals and programs meet the high standards set by “Kahu The Kiwi”.
“Kahu The Kiwi” however makes no representations in regards to any of the information, products and/or services offered in all pages, posts, books, manuals and programs, and “Kahu The Kiwi” accepts no liability.

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