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All Black Malakai Fekitoa banned for high shot, Sam Cane cleared

Fili Steve Tupua: I know it’s a novel but I just had to drag my post I had written earlier . . .
One thing about the All Blacks copping unfair criticism regarding thuggery in the game, there’s been far worst offenders and we don’t need to compile a list of all the vicious attacks on the great Richie McCaw, whom had plenty of foul play aimed towards him during his magnificent career (and not once did he ever complain), yet he was still standing and left his unbelievable legacy and legendary reputation intact.

The Cane/Henshaw misfortune was very unfortunate and an accidental head clash, whereas the Fekitoa yellow card was a brain explosion, which was indeed silly, lazy and reckless.

But it’s not as if it was malicious intent, we’ve all seen worse (eye-gouging, spear tackles, elbows and knees, etc), and the All Blacks are smart enough not to go overboard and tarnish their credibility by jeopardising their brand if they even contemplate bringing such rubbish into their game. They don’t need it and for so long they have been the best in the world for a reason and when other teams feel that they have the wood on them (as per Ireland’s shock win at Chicago), they suddenly want to exaggerate their performances based on being bogged down with history and such a prolonging hoodoo that they’ve only just overcome, after 111 years to taste their first victory against New Zealand.

I believe this is part of the reason as to why Ireland in particular, are crying over spilt milk with these thuggery accusations because it has only dawned on them of what it is like to actually beat the All Blacks for the very first time (welcome to the real world, fellas).
They’re usually respectful and always commend the All Blacks but after their first ever win, the hoopla surrounding recent ongoing whinging and whining from them certainly tells you how much they’ve been extremely emotional for many years of being tormented and humiliated that they have now finally got this massive gorilla off their backs.
All of a sudden, they’re being unashamedly gung-ho over their ONE win, behaving like spoilt brats running to the headmaster known as World Rugby to tell-tales, instead of cherishing, admiring and treasuring their superb and stunning triumph at Soldier Field.
Nevertheless, it definitely makes the world appreciate the All Blacks even more, of what they do for the sport and how they can continue to be so dominant for more than a century, everybody will always want a piece of them! #AllBlacksSupremacy #BestOfTheBest #WorldDomination #GreatestTeamInSportsHistory #

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