HSBC MEN’S SEVENS 2016 – 2017

The 2016-17 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

We all look forward to the new season of RUGBY SEVENS after the Olympics many of our All Blacks Sevens followers were disappointed with our results.
In all honestly I believe in our build up to the Olympics we were disrupted with injuries and availability and personally I feel Sir GT was let down by the NZR.
Yes all the other main teams were getting closer, in saying that we always had the firepower to win, too much chopping and changing as far as I am concerned.
Anyway it’s a new start now and I am sure we will be right back up there, so enjoy the new season and be sure to share your views.

The Schedule Is As Follows:

DUBAI 2nd > 3rd December 2016 Won By South Africa

CAPE TOWN – 10th > 11th December 2016 Won By England

WELLINGTON – 28th > 29th January 2017 Won By South Africa

SYDNEY – 4th > 5th February 2017 Won By South Africa

LAS VEGAS – 3th > 5th March 2017

VANCOUVER – 11th > 12th March 2017

HONG KONG – 7th > 9th April 2017

SINGAPORE – 15th > 16th April 2017

PARIS – 13th > 14th May 2017

LONDON – 20th > 21st May 2017

For More Rugby Sevens Information: http://www.worldrugby.org/sevens-series

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