Iafeta Matalasi Shares

52 Hours Later

I think I am calm down enough to share what I think cost us a clean sweep of the series against the Lions.
First things first. In no way am I doubting Shag and his decisions in the last 2 tests.
We lost the second test because 7 forwards struggled to contain tge Lions 8.

My opinion, even with 14 men we would’ve won that game if we had our 8 forwards all the way through. Not that Beauddy missed 3 sitters which he is now being reminded of every 5 minutes. It was wet and miserable in the Stadium and it was a forwards game.
In the 3rd test our lads played the worst game I have seen from a World Champion side. Things which we did not really expect to see from our boys. Dropped passes, very casual carries which led into turnovers after turnovers. We did not draw the game because of the idiot incompetent referee. We drew the game because something happened to our lads during the game.
My opinion. Despite the right preparation they had during the week which emphasises forcing the Lions to dance to their music, they allowed the pressure to get to them.
The Lions were not pressured throughout the whole game. They were at home with their rush defense and gang tackling mostly on our first receivers which most of the times Beauddy.
The problem in my opinion was Nugget. This is what I think. The Lions were not concern to defend in the 1, 2 or 3 channels as they were sure the ABs were not going to probe through there. They knew Nugget’s game and the way his passes put players into holes out wider in channels 6 to 10 or even 11 and 12. That was exactly where they put the muscles and managed to stop any momentum in any ABs movement and most times on the first phase.
I was hoping that Shag would’ve seen the pattern and put TJ on earlier. At the start of the 2nd half would’ve been perfect. A probing halfback around the fringes would’ve unhinged their rush defense or pick and goes with attached latches. But, I guess this is why Shag is the ABs coach and I am not. The defense were just sitting there waiting for 1 off runners.
Fellow Kiwis. In no way, I am blaming Shag or our boys. I know all of us are not happy with the incompetent and out of his depth referee but blaming him will not benefit us in any shape or form. Our lads must know they let themselves down and we are all here to pick them up again and enjoy all the spoils if another thrilling undefeated run culminating in winning a back to back to back World Cup.


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