Team Kahu – Kahu Rugby and World Sports

The creation of Kahu Rugby and World Sports was with the goal of supporting Young Players With Talent and Promoting Small Sports Clubs.

Both Dave and myself would like to personally thank  all our Members and of course our fabulous

Grass Root Sports

Nearly every successful sports person has their beginning at a grass root level, unfortunately many of the talented players slip through the cracks for several reasons.
A major one is the cost of annual player registration, simply because sports clubs must have insurance to avoid litigation.
Then there is often the cost of sports equipment as I have seen with one of my grandsons who plays cricket and has done since he was 8yrs old.
Then there’s travel especially in rural areas where parents has to take them to training and then games as once again I have seen with my grandsons sometimes up to 50 kms.


To support talented young players and small sports clubs; to achieve this we believe we need 150,000 members in our Facebook Group Kahu Rugby and World Sports to create the funds necessary to fulfill our dream so join us know and become part of our legacy.

We Thank You All For Your Ongoing Support



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