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Is there any thought out there that the intriguing Irish have been studying NZ Rugby for some time, rather like a Lioness stalks her prey? Slowly, with strength and surety? Watching a few of their games lately is like having dinner with Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. It’s family… but not home. Familiar, but a bit…off. Perhaps it starts with a Kiwi coach, albeit he became an Irish Citizen in 2015.
Joe Schmidt, born and bred Kiwi – Bay of Plenty, winning them the Ranfurly Shield (2003/2004) Blues, getting them at one stage to semi-final afore being knocked out (2004/2007).
In both teams he was assist.coach and has long been lauded for his ‘fabulous study’ technique. His analytical mind is touted as being amongst the very best.
To equate him for example with my beloved Grant Fox, he is a ‘Superior Rugby Brain’.
Someone who lives and breathes the bigger picture and can pinpoint both attack/defence weaknesses, then come up with intellectual plays that surprise the opposition.
If all this is easy, and coaches only to blame for team performance, then why has only one team been so dominant for nearly 15 years? You take all Tier 1 teams for that period and assess their win ratio.
Look at the trends, the changes of Rugby. Obvious example dear Richie, who walked the fine line of ‘penalize/to not penalize’ every game he played. You cannot say he didnt influence a world of flankers.
How many kickers want to grow up to be DC? How many kids think they can do the hooker position now, watching how amazingly Colesy performs, as if he’s a one-man war machine?
Surely there is no question in anyones’ mind that without the All Blacks, Rugby would not be the force it is nor command the huge, world wide fan base. As a kiwi this is a point of pride for me and long have I associated our culture to include Rugby.
To hear people say it’s just a sport means to me that they are not Kiwi enough. How can you not at least partially, enjoy something that your country is best in the entire WORLD at?
Ok, as usual I tangent-ized. Started one conversational fork only to seemingly go into another angle. But the query/thinking behind the post is that… over the years main teams such as Boks, Wallabies, Pumas, Scots, Wales, French and the English rosy fellas, have gone their own way and played differing styles to New Zealand.
Elements of course are similar, Boks can be physical like us constantly without the brutality of the Wallabies or English… Wales can play with heart and character, Wallabies (arguably took on our superior basic pass/run) alongside lately Pumas displaying good running tactics and the French…crikey, the French…with all their mind games, they have displayed constantly several surprising plays.
All of these listed attributes … the ABs show each time they play, and I had never seen another team as consistent with ALL of that – until the Irish this last season.
Beating us in Chicago, firstly, is an amazing moment in history. No one can take away the fact that the 111 year drought has stopped. They played with skill, intelligence and heart. There was a showcase of ability throughout all basic areas and mentality was strong.
I have not seen the All Blacks play that badly for years.
Domino effect of mistakes and particularly bad miscommunication. More than half the team randomly doing loose throws, Nugget not being able to direct and empower as usual, and forwards were not getting their first five enough opportunities.
Seen a lot of criticism of Barrett, but it’s hard to have a good game when you’re a #10 and you dont get the ball. Particularly with your kicking game not being consistent. Ie; no one person is to blame, it was a cacophony of errors. If we played with our normal way, there is no doubt in my mind that we would have won. So Eddie Jones you funny hypery chatterbug – Stop smiling matey ;p
I feel strongly our influence, wide ability and mentality has spread to our Welsh and Irish cousins. Irish in particular have thrown me slightly in what I feel is their imitation, and wonderful use of it.
Therefore, the coming years’ Lions tour…I expect Blazing, Thunderous fireworks.
I expect showcases of inutter skill from our opposition, and physicality to rival a hundred Hulks – and a mentality that wants to kill us on that green field and leave the black in the dust. Lions will no doubt include Sexton and Farrell, kickers supreme – George North, terminator on the wing…and Liam Williams, holy intelligent back rower.
We are in for a great all time battle, a stunning challenge, a War. Are we, Kahu-fam, Prepared?

Thank You Arda Team Kahu Are SO Proud Of You

Team Kahu Thank Arda Once Again For A Great Post On The Present State Of Rugby

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